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Yarrowmarker Gundogs have genuine working dogs and for many years have selectivey bred working Chocolate labradors. As a Head keeper, Mark has over 30 years experience working with dogs and Kerren has an equal number of years working with many types of dogs.

Phone:01668 283834

Mobile: 07866566415

We breed very selectively to produce dogs that we want to work and of which we are proud. As well as Chocolate Labradors, we also sometimes produce Blacks as a result of crossing back into working black lines. We find this maintains the lovely mahogany chocolate coat colour as well as reinforcing the working ability within the Chocolate dog.

As  well as the working labradors, we sometimes have long haired "hairy" Jack Russells, the very cute small variety!

We have a few dogs standing at public stud to approved bitches.